Mission Statement



Here at Writing Fussball we intend to cover German football from all angles. No matter is too small, or too big for that matter, for us to take a closer look. We are going to cover everything from German football history, to the daily business of the current Bundesliga season to smaller off the pitch stories and lower league football. It’s our mission to write the stories that don’t get covered anywhere else. We don’t spend any time thinking about bullshit transfer rumours or stories designed to sell tabloid newspapers.

This website is a labour of love and it is not designed to turn a profit. The topics covered on WF are close to our heart and we take a genuine interest in them. Both founding members are unapologetically left wing in their political world view and this might effect their take on matters. Furthermore, we won’t shy away from covering stories with a political dimension to them. We don’t subscribe to the view that politics and football should be separated. There is a proven track record of politics and football influencing one another and we are going to give our take on these matters whenever we feel it is appropriate. If that troubles you then there are other websites.

About the writers:

Terry Duffelen: An Englishman who travelled to Germany on a stag weekend in 2004 to watch two Bundesliga games and came back altered. Since then, Terry has written and produced podcasts on Fussball. He used to blog under the banner of Bundesbag and has written for ESPN and Unibet. Currently, Terry is writing a history of Borussia Dortmund. His adopted German club is BVB but he insists that if he’d known they would become a hipster choice he would have followed a different club.

Niklas Wildhagen: This Werder Bremen fan has followed the ins and outs of German football over the last 25 years. His love for the Green and Whites came at an early age the first time he saw Wynton Rufer and Rune Bratseth in action. Over the years this 31-year-old writer has taken a keen interest in German football history and has covered it extensively on other websites like the Bundesliga fanatic. Furthermore, he has also done some paid media work covering the national team and the Bundesliga. These days Nik resides in Norway where he keeps an close eye on all things German football.